Kangaroo Roast
price: $39.99
Sale: $29.99
Bison Rocky Mountain Oysters - 1 Lb.
price: $24.99
Sale: $19.99
Alligator Sirloin Meat / 1 Lb
price: $29.99
Sale: $19.99, 2/$39.00, 3/$57.00
Kangaroo / Ground 1 Lb.
price: $29.99
Sale: $19.99, 2/$38.00, 3/$55.00
Alligator Tenderloin / 1 Lb.
price: $39.99
Sale: $24.99, 2/$49.00, 3/$72.00
Boneless Turtle Meat / 1 Lb.
price: $29.99
Sale: $24.99, 2/$46.00, 3/$67.50
Pheasant Breast
price: $34.99
Sale: $29.99
Jumbo Quail Breast 2 LBS.
price: $49.99
Sale: $39.99
Alligator Ground Meat / 16 oz.
price: $24.99
Sale: $19.99, 2/$37.00, 3/$54.00
Ostrich Fan Fillets / 2 Steaks / 6 to 8 oz. Each
price: $79.99
Sale: $69.99, 2/$130.00, 3/$180.00
Alligator Burgers
price: $24.99
Sale: $21.99, 2/$39.00, 3/$57.00
Rabbit / 1 Fryer
price: $44.99
Sale: $36.99, 2/$70.00, 3/$96.00
price: $69.99
Sale: $54.99
price: $149.99
Sale: $99.99
price: $59.99
Sale: $49.99
price: $129.99
Sale: $89.99
Suckling Pig / Weight 18 to 24 Lbs.
price: $199.99
Sale: $179.99
Wild Boar Pig - 11 to 15 Lbs.
price: $139.99
Sale: $125.99, 2/$240.00, 3/$350.00
Wild Boar Pig- 16 to 20 Lbs.
price: $159.99
Sale: $144.99, 2/$280.00, 3/$340.00
Wild Boar Pig - 21 to 30 Lbs.
price: $199.99
Sale: $175.99, 2/$340.00, 3/$510.00

Rack of Lamb/ 7- 8 rib Frenched/ 2 Racks - 16-18 oz Each

 Rack of Lamb/  7- 8 rib Frenched/ 2 Racks - 16-18 oz Each
Item# 243290408
price: $69.99
Sale: $59.99


7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb is famous for its strong game flavor. Each 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb is chosen by hand at just the right size to guarantee you the 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb, In you can buy online.

Our butchers regularly hand pick a selection of our 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb, and offer them at reduced prices exclusively for our online customers - chosen with value for money and versatility in mind without ever compromising on quality.

We guarantee that our 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb, Arrives to you just as if you walked in and bought it in our store by shipping our 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb to you in a special cooler and shipping box.

Call us for great family recipes or visit Exotic Meat Network.com that will help you explore the wide variety of ways 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb can be enjoyed. Forget searching online - buy exotic meats .comís- 7- 8 rib Frenched Rack of Lamb.

 A great neighborhood exotic meat and poultry shop, they consistently supply highest, quality product--I've never been disappointed with my purchase. Some people have mentioned the high prices, but I find them to be consistent with most other exotic meats/poultry markets. The staff here is also very helpful and knowledgeable. I love how they have exotic recipes by the cashier in case you don't know what to cook.

The only drawback is their hours. They close at 5:00 pm on weekdays, so it can be difficult to get there before closing after work. I just call them 951-208-7756, I will be there in fifteen minutes. They wait for me.

Amy From Corona California

" A very good selection of great quality of exotic meats to buy. The Bison sirloin steak in particular is superb. The rabbit sausages are nothing like supermarket sausages - meaty, tasty, amazing flavor."

Maria From Corona California

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We want you to enjoy your exotic meat order!

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